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“We love what we do, you will too! Together we succeed.”—Sandy Hecker

??????????????????????Hecker & Associates support development of new drugs and biologics for marketing, worldwide. The group specializes in prescription  oncology, neurology, CNS, cardiovascular, immunology, and infectious disease products, but we also have experience with ophthalmology, endocrinology, and gastrointestinal products.

Through close affiliation with biologics / drug development nonclinical, clinical pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, pharmacovigilance (clinical safety), statistics, and medical writing experts, and medical research specialists in the United States and Europe, we can help you find the reliable expertise you may need beyond those we provide directly. Our affiliates are colleagues from our successful teams earlier in our careers at major pharmaceutical and biotech companies, or proven through the “hit the ground running” contract research or service organization (CRO/CSO) environment such as at Quintiles. Working for CROs/CSOs provides concentrated drug development experience for a wide range of large and small companies, a high regard for flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and sensitivity to client needs–all of which we bring to our client projects.

Because we love our work, we work with enthusiasm and with the experience to devise and lead creative strategies through the inevitable challenging times experienced in drug development. We know the regulations and guidelines, which are flexible or unimportant and which are critical, and work with the regulatory authorities to achieve your success.